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Max Rodriguez

Several residents of Indio woke up to brown water coming out of their faucets and showers, prompting viewers to submit photos into the newsroom.

Long Lipsticks Makeup Lipstick Sexy Clearance Sonnena Color Velvet Pencil lasting D Waterproof Crayon Matte The photos show a bath-tub filled with brown water as well as a couple of sinks that show water with a yellow tint.

Through a statement the Indio Water Authority said it is aware some customers in the South Jackson Street caused by stirred sediment from a well that was put back into service.

The General Manager of the Indio Water Authority, Brian Macy, said it is routine to alternate between 20 wells, but he said it is the first time he has seen yellow water come out of the faucets in seven years.

He said customers who are affected can clear the, “water by running the cold tap for a minutes; if doesn’t clear the first time, wait a few minutes and run the water again.”

He said the discoloration of the water does not pose any hazards to public health, however the Indio Water Authority said it resolved the issues on Thursday evening.

The latest statement from the Indio Water Authority said, “Indio Water Authority crews have resolved the temporary discoloration of water near Jackson Street and Avenue 50. The discoloration of water was caused by sediment when a well was put back into service.”


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